Letter from the founder


In April 1996, I experienced my first civil war. I say my first because six years prior, I was only three and I have no recollection of my father being shot and killed right in front of me. What I do know I’ve heard through stories and the photos not destroyed in the war.


He was a family man, they say; a brilliant professor, a dedicated husband, a loving father and a passionate lawyer. My aunt, they also tell me, was once Miss University of Liberia, a beauty with brains. She preceded my father in death years before I was even born.


When I decided to start this foundation, I knew it had to be about what inspires me the most; Education, Youth, and Anti-Domestic Abuse. The foundation is named in honor of them, two individuals whose lives were taken violently; yet while they lived, they believed in education. I never got the chance to know them, but it was the legacy they left behind for me.


I know first-hand the importance of education, and I have seen the tremendous difference it can make in one’s life. Nevertheless, I am aware of the many girls in countries around the world who face obstacles each day just to obtain an education. I have been fortunate.


As a victim witness advocate for over four years, I have come to better understand the plight of those going through domestic and other types of abuse, as well as the service providers who work with those victims. It took me years to identify my own plight.


Our mission is simple: To provide opportunities where women, children and young people are empowered to develop their full potential in an environment free of violence.


I hope that you will become as passionate and excited as I am about the Senwah Foundation. I encourage you to get involved and help us help the children and families that need us the most. It is only with your help that the Senwah Foundation can continue building minds and rebuilding lives of youth and families in Liberia, and around the world.


I thank you in advance, and look forward to your support.


Warmest Regards,

Founder & Executive Director



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